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NBK-1 Non-Bubbling Kneader (mixer)


NBK-1 Non-Bubbling Kneader (Mixer)NBK-1_Nonbubbling_kneading

  De-bubble and knead high-viscosity material in a short time.
  No need to wash or clean the machine, as no cutting shaft/hook/blending blades are used. Material is kept in containers.
  Safety devices such as Door-lock, unbalance-detector or when over-loaded.
  When the timer is set, the repeated operation is possible by just one-touch.
  Compact in structure and good in balance during operation, so there will be low shake and noise during operation.
  Operation is very simple and easy for anybody.
  Operation with 2 containers at one time yields good efficiency



Just put materials into 2 containers and push the Start Button. Material is processed in a short time.

  High-speed revolution and self-turning containers make the working material be de-bubbled and homogeneously kneaded with planetary motions, which cause turbulent flow in the containers.
  Model: ID: 76.2mm (3 inches)
  Capacity: 120mL (polyethylene)
  Normal Vol.: About 70mLx2
  Rpm (no load): Revolution max. 2,000rpm Ratio to self-turn 3:1
  Timer: 1-15min. or continuous
  Safety device:

Door lock switch; Automatic stop when unbalanced or over-loaded

  Power source: AC10OV 50/60Hz or AC115V 60Hz
  Power consumption: 200VA
  Outer dimension: 260W x 335D x 275H mm
  Weight: About 12kg
  Accessories: Fixed roller x 1, Grease x 1

Adaptor for Teflon-coated container
Adaptor for syringe
Order-made adaptor (material to be defined)
Kneading balls

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab
Search tags: Hohsen, Machinery, Mixing

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