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Chamber Heat Sealer HSTS-06

The design and its dimensions are subject to change for further improvements.

Objective: To heat seal a laminated puch cell by impulse-sealer after filling electrolyte under vacuum. Three sides of the cell must be closed prior to this operation.
Sealing Method:


Min. Pressure: -90KPa, by Vacuum pump, monitored.
Electrolyte: Dispensed by tubing dispenser: T710 (no volume limit)
The electrolyte volume is controlled by # of rotations of thedispenser.
Cell size: 100mm x 100mm ~ 297mm x 210mm
Seal Width: 5 ~ 10mm
Temperature: ~ 300°C
Air (Ar.) supply: 0.5MPa, Terminal with PT1/4
Size: 680mmW x 400mmD x 800mmH
Weight: 80kg [HSTS-06], 19kg [vacuum pump]
Power: AC100V, 50/60 Hz, 15A


Vacuum > e-filling nozzle down > e-filling > e-filling nozzle up > heat-sealing > releasingto atmospheric pressure

*Time and the sequence are controlled digitally on the touch panel.

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab, Pilot

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