All technical data presented represent typical results, unless stated otherwise as min/max values.
No guarantee is made that material will meet exactly the values shown.

Silicon Nitride - Yttrium Oxide - Aluminum Oxide

Si3N4 - Y2O3 - Al2O3 Light Grey Powder

Typical Technical Data:


Characterization Techniques


Specific Surface Area m2/g

30 ± 5

Argon absorption desorption (BET)
Average Particle Size, nm 60 ± 5

Calculated from SSA

Particle Shape Unregular TEM
Crystallographic Phases a-, ß-, X-ray amorphous Si3N4 XRD
Chemical Composition *N max. 35,5 Chemical analysis
*Y  4,0 ± 0,2 Chemical analysis
*Al  1,05 ± 0,05 Chemical analysis
Sifr max. 0,7 Chemical analysis
Metallic Impurities Fe max. 0,05 Chemical analysis
Ca max. 0,01 Chemical analysis

* By customer's desire.

Content of metallic impurities is determined by purity of raw material.

Production scale: Lab, Pilot, Commercial

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