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HNW-101 Resistance Welder

Precision Welding System for battery: HNW-101

This system is to weld metal pats such as battery cans.

Example: a metal-tab & a battery can (fig.1)
  a metal-tab & a top-cap (fig.2)

Changing the sample holder and electrodes on the head,
It can apply to more than one welding.

   fig.1   fig.2
Dimensions W700 x D700 x H1195 in mm
(table: 700 x 700 x 790)
Power Supply NAW-25P
Simple monitor is equipped. Counter is installed.
Welding Time 0 ~ 5msec
Capacity 20KVA
Time Control Weld1: 0 ~ 99 cycles
Cool: 0 ~ 9 cycles
Pulse: 0 ~ 9 cycles
Weld2: 0 ~ 99 cycles
Current 0.20KA ~ 9.99KA
Conditions 15 conditions programmable
Voltage AC(Single Phase) 200V±10% 10A(50/60HZ)
Dimensions W135 x D275 x H135 in mm
Weight 5.6kg
Welding Head NH-***** to be designed upon request
Foot-pedal typed table
Welding Trans NT-3K
Dimensions W195 x 205D x 210H in mm

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Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Hand tools, Machinery
Production scale: Lab
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