All technical data presented represent typical results, unless stated otherwise as min/max values.
No guarantee is made that material will meet exactly the values shown.

Small Coating Machines (100mm and greater coating widths)

Table-Top Coating Machine

Table-Top Coating Machine: HSCM-1560


1. Coating system: Top feed type (with two rolls)
2. Roll
  1) Width: 150mm(max. coating width 100mm)
  2) Dimensions
Knife roll (doctor Blade)
OD 37mm x 150mm W
Material: SUS304 polished
    Coating roll OD 98mm x 150mm W
Material: STKM, Hard-chrome plated and polished
  3) Precision Mirror-finished, run-out accuracy
Within 5 microns
  4) Slurry Supply Dam type.
Slurry is poured into the dam manually.
Dam width: 30 – 100mm.
Dam capacity: 80cc. Max.

Roller clearance:

Rotational adjustment with a manual handle.
Digital Thickness Gauge (indication 1/1000mm)

Drying Unit (total length 600mm x 1)

  1) Type: Heat circulating type.
  2) Temp. Range: 40°C~160°C
    The inside temperature is digitally controlled and monitored.
  3) Structure: Electrical hot-air generating system: 3KW,
Double-layer structure with insulator.
5. Drive
  1) Power source: AC100V
  2) Driving system: For the winding unit: geared motor
Reel out side: Powder brake (manual volume setting)
  3) Line speed: 5cm/min (adjustable), digitally monitored
6. Uncoiling system
  1) Paper tube: ID: 76.2mm (3 inches)
  2) Maximum load: 10 kg
7. Utilities
  1) AC220V, 25A, Single Phase with ground
  2) Safety features: An emergency-stop switch (the control box)

Machine dimensions:

1,200W x 543D x 997H in mm
9. Weight: approx. 150Kg


Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab, Pilot

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