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Aluminum Laminated Film Cup-Forming Machine

Objective: This is used for cup-forming aluminum-laminated film to be cases of Li-ion and Li-Polymer batteries. It will optimize forming conditions of various types of films. Various forming sizes are available by changing the mold-set.

1. Forming size: 42 x 62 x 3mm (Standard): Maximum: 80 x 80 x 3 mm
*please inquire for other sizes.
2. Air Cylinder: Diameter 100mm (Stroke: 75mm)
3. Utility: 100V single phase
Air: 0.7Mpa or more
4. Start Trigger: Two push button
5. Safety Safety Cover with a limit switch + Emergency switch
6. Dimensions: 625Wx255Lx665H mm
7. Weight:

90kg (mold-set: 30kg)

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab

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