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BHW-S2E Semi-automatic Winder

Electrode Winder: Model# BHW-S2E

To see the BHW-S2E winder in action, followthis link.

Compatible for a cylindrical and prismatic cell

Separator Width: 40~80mm   Electrode Width: ~80mm
Separator Length: roll   Electrode Length: ~1,000mm
Separator Tension: adjustable 0~1,000g   Electrode Tension: by 3 nip-rolls, springs are adjustable
Separator Cutting: manually by operator    

Mandrel: to be specified by USER upon order
        Example: 18650 w/ ID4mm, or 50mm x 70mm x 2mm, etc

Speed: 0~150rpm
Control Panel: Digital Touch Panel (Programmable up to 10 conditions)

Power: AC100V, 15A
Utility: Air (0.1L/min, 4kg/cm2)
Size: 1260W x 600L x 870H mm, Weight: Approx. 130kg

The separator is being set. The mandrel is ready
for electrode winding.

The electrodes are inserted and wound with tension from nip-rolls.

The separator is cut manually, and the mandrel is pulled forward and disassembled for the wound-electrode ejection.

The mandrel on the right is for a 50mm x 70mm x 2mm cell.


Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab, Pilot
Search tags: Hohsen, Machinery, Winder

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