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Heat Roll Press

Following is an example of a heat roll press. Please inquire for newer models and custom-made machines to suit your requirements.

1. Objective:
  To press, heat, and adjust the thickness of coated metal foil
2. Roll (2 rolls):
  1) Roll size Lower Roll: 300 x 400W in mm
  2) Roll material DC53, with HRC-62
3. Heat:
  1) Series Heater 2KW x 10
  2) Temperature 180 Celsius degree at MAX. (Plus or Minus 5)
4. Pressure:
  1) Width 350mm at max
  2) Force 20 ton at max
  3) Method a pressure-pump and a pressure-cylinder
  4) Setting by a pressure-pump
  5) Range 0~500 micron
  6) Clearance Controlled with a "distance block"
  Indicated with a digital dial-meter
  7) Reverse-oil-cylinder tank volume 80L
pump motor 1.5KW
pressure 7MPa at Max
  8) Oil-cylinder tank volume 60L
pump motor 1.5KW
pressure 7OMPa at Max
5. Driving Unit:
  1) Power 10 HPAC Motor with braking function: 2
  2) Speed 1 ~ 10 m/min
6. Pruducts transportation:
  1) Belt conveyer at both sides
inserting side: -0.3/min to the roll
exiting side: +0.3/min to the roll
7. Safety:
  1) Safety covers at both sides with an inter-lock
  2) An emergency-stop switch
8. Size & Weight
  Size: 1730 x 2700 x 2000 (in mm)
  Weight: 8 ton


Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab, Pilot

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