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18650 Crimping Machine HSCM-18650

This machine is used for sealing cylindrical case and cap under 3 ton pressures.


Machine: For R&D 18650 crimping
Mold: Applicable only for Hohsen 18650 can/cap
Power: AC100-115V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz, 500W
Drive: Electric Motor
Control: On/Off
Press Capacity: 20KN, 3mm/s
Stroke: 30mm
Safety: Safety door, door switch
Timer: 1-5 seconds
Operational time in one stroke: 30 seconds when timer is set at 5.
Size: 370mm W x 390mm D x 515mm H
Weight: 75kg


Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Crimpers, Machinery
Production scale: Lab

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