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HSWM Electrode Winder Instructions

Model HS-Hand-Winder User Manual


  1. Specifications
  2. Names
  3. Instructions

 1. Specifications

Battery: Li-ion Cylindrical
Battery Size: 18650
Platform Size: 350mm (L), 70mm (W)
Mandrel Size: 5mm
Mandrel Speed: Max.150rpm
Separator Tension: Max.12kgfcm
Electricity: Single AC100V 50/60Hz, 1.3A
Weight: Approx.50kg
Size: W x H x L: 800x600x490 in mm

2. Names

3. Instructions

1) To set the separator to the roll

Loosen the roll screw (drawing# 1), and set the separator.
Loosen the screw at the back of the roll, and tighten it till it is appropriate.(drawing# 2)
Pull the separator around the rolls as drawing# 3. Be sure that separatorcomes underneath the scale roll.
Tighten or loosen the tension screws till it is appropriate. (drawing# 4)
Repeat the procedure for setting the other separator to the roll.

2) To set separator

Pull the slider back, and pass the 2 pieces of the separator through the opening of the mandrel as drawing# 5.
Pull them back under the push roll. (drawing# 6)
Slowly move the slider forward so the mandrel will not be damaged.
Lock the slider with the slider lock. (drawing# 7)
There should be two pieces of the separator in the opening of the mandrel.

3) To set electrodes

Place one electrode between the separator, and place the other on the top. (drawing# 8)
Line all the edge in appropriate order (drawing# 9), and use the guide to avoidmeandering. (drawing# 10) Use it only as a guide. The edge of the guideand the separator will not be touched.

4) To start winding

Plug in to the power supply, and turn the switch on.
Set the rotation controller in "CCW" mode.
Step on the foot switch slowly, holding the pieces on the other side. (drawing#9) The Speed can be adjusted with the speed controller.
After an appropriate amount of the separator is wound in a straight line usingthe scale roll, (drawing# 11) start winding a new set of electrodes. When theelectrodes are wound properly, lower the separator holder and the tape holderand lock them. (drawing# 12) Cut the separator between the holders. (drawing# 13) Stick an appropriate length of tape at the edge of the separator. (drawing# 14) Rotate the mandrel so the tape will stick the edge and the wound roll. Loosen the slider lock and pull the slider. Pick up the woundproduction. (drawing# 15)

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Hand tools, Machinery
Production scale: Lab

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