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HS Test Cell w/Pressure Gauge & Exhaust Pipe


i. Please assemble the cell as a regular HS cell.

ii. Before taking the cell out of a glove box, make sure the valve of the pipe is tightly closed. * Open: Lever is parallel to the pipe.* Close: Lever is perpendicular to the pipe.

iii. With the valve and every screws tightly closed, take the cell out of the glove box. (Or, use it in a glove box.)

iv. Connect the pipe with a pump, and start evacuating or pressurizing, or connect it to a measuring device according to the objective of an experiment.

v. Open or close the valve properly.


i. Do not pressurize the cell over 5kg, or the gauge will be worn out.

ii. Tighten all the screws and nuts before any experiments.

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Hand tools
Production scale: Lab
Search tags: Hohsen, Hand tool, Test cell

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