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Roll Press HSRP-1625

This roll press is to press and adjust density/thickness of electrode sheets with two metal rolls.


Model: HSRP-1625
Top Roll: Dia 160mm x 250mm W
Bottom Roll: Dia 160mm x 250mm W
Roll Material: SKD11, Hard-Chrome Plating
Roll Tolerance: <0.003mm
Press Width: <200mm
Press Method: Mechanical with screw
Maximum Load: 1,000kg
Roll Gap: 0~1mm
Gap Control: Two handles at both ends. Monitor: by 0.001mm with Digital Screw Encoder (Digi-collar) and monitor
Press Speed: 0.1~1.0m/min by geared motor: forward or reverse
Electrode Supply: Manually, sheet by sheet
Safety Features:

Safety door at electrode entrance: with a limit switch.
   When open, power is shut down.
Safety cover at electrode exit: closed with screws.
Rotation mode switch with a key.
   In operation the rotation mode is locked at FOR.
   Rolls can be accessed from back for cleaning.
Two emergency buttons.

Power: AC 200V, 15A, 3 phase, 5m long cable
No plug attached.
Size: Press: 500mm W x 750mm D x 635mm H
  Circuit Box: 400mm W x 200mm D x 500mm H
Weight: 250kg
Optional Functions at additional cost:
  Table frame with wheels and locks
   Size: 650mm W x 864mm D x 700mm H
   Weight: 100kg
Digital dial guage for gap monitor
Digital load guage
Digital speed monitor

* The specifications are subject to change.

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Machinery
Production scale: Lab, Pilot

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