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Manual Crimping Tool HSHCC

Model HSHCC-XXXX (XXXX=coin cell size).

As it is very fundamental for a research to collect firm data, choosing right experimental tools can sometimes be an important factor. For battery evaluations particularly, sealing coin-cell parts has been a difficult and laborious procedure. This tool makes it easy and reliable so there will not be a waste of data or time. Note well that this tool is a fixed-mold device. So each manual crimper can close one size coin only. You must choose which size when placing your order.


Size: 150W X 350L X 200H mm (at the lever up: 340mmH)
* The dimensions are subject to change.
Weight: Approx. 12kg
The Mold: Top: SKD-11 quenching   /   Bottom: SKD-11 quenching
* Both molds are coated for insultation
Push out Pin: The sealed cell is removed easily by the pin.
Applying Parts: Coin cell parts (case, cap and gasket).
Coin Size: CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2320
* Other sizes available upon request

Application: Advanced energy
Product type: Hand tools, Crimpers
Production scale: Lab

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