Pred Materials International

was founded in 1996 as a New York corporation, 100% American owned. Our main markets are:

Advanced Energy

Advanced Batteries

Fine Ceramic Powders

Electronic Parts
Translucent/Transparent Ceramics

Our primary strength is in finding what our customers need to reach their product performance targets. As a trusted partner in development efforts, we work closely with our clients to find high-quality and reliable manufacturers of the desired raw materials, components, lab tools and commercial-scale production equipment. Once the product is qualified, we supply full-production levels of raw materials and components. We've supplied hundreds of tons of lithium ion cathode powder to U.S. makers since 1996. As customer requirements change over time, we remain patient and flexible.
Our connections in Japan, Taiwan, the UK, France, China and other nations give us great access to information, and we regularly inform our clients about the availability of new materials, particularly in the rapidly changing world of energy storage, including batteries and capacitors.

We remain a strategic supplier of advanced ceramic materials to aerospace, electronics and government customers.

We take pride in delivering consistently outstanding materials to client specifications, and very much look forward to receiving questions or product inquries. All new inquiries should be directed to Steve Pred. Follow-up inquiries on placed orders should be directed to Helga Grill. For assistance, please contact the appropriate representative:

Helga Grill, Customer Service
Tel: 212-286-0131
Responsibilities: Order follow-up, traffic, A/R, A/P

Steve Pred, Founder and President
Tel: 212-286-0068
Markets: electrochemical, electronics, fine ceramics, refractories, aerospace

Pred Materials International, Inc.
60 East 42nd Street
Suite 1456
New York, NY 10165
Fax: 212-286-0072

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